STAS Mittelstand Days In Reilingen

An extensive program, the anniversary celebrations and the distinction of STAS awards made 2011 SME days winner to a special event. Reilingen, 20.05.2011 with 260 participants recorded the 14th STAS Mittelstand days 2011 again a record number of visitors and thus confirm the importance of business intelligence and performance management in the mid-market. Informative keynotes, comprehensive profiles of users, as well as presentations of STAS Development informed the visitors about the possibilities, opportunities and risks of the use of BI. A panel discussion where representatives from Cubeware, IBM and SAP faced critical questions to their technology and solution was one of the highlights of the event, which had the motto of tradition & innovation 2011. Interested parties who are in the selection process, visited the STAS Mittelstand days as well as longtime users of STAS CONTROL. Our goal is to offer a wide range of information for all which can be used directly for their own work. The feedback of the visitors indicates that us 2011 once again succeeded in doing with the program”, STAS pleased Managing Director Uwe Schulze. Claudia Prommesberger, Manager of the curative education centre Irchenrieth says: we are right in the middle in the BI selection procedure and received the note that you can find in the frame of the STAS Mittelstand days in a relaxed atmosphere. This has definitely agreed, because it was a very good and insightful event which has comprehensively answered my questions. Especially I liked, that you completely casual can interact with customers, who already use the product.” At the evening event, the winners of the STAS awards were presented, which were written for the first time in 2011. “” The jury, consisting of from Prof. Dr. Claus W. Gerber Edward, Jens Lobig, Heribert Fritz, Dieter Theilacker and Uwe Schulze, following winners stood out: Branopac GmbH in the category of highest return on investment “marker Germany GmbH in the category of Durchgangigste solution STAS standard” OTC GmbH & co.