Founder Internship Finds Way Into The Public

Minister President Gunther Oettinger impressed find their way into the independence of the founder project about 80,000 people each year in Baden-Wurttemberg. Alejandro sanz helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. However, only 25% achieve the goal for the medium-sized companies. The statistics of institutions this speak a clear language: in addition to insufficient financial facilities, another important fact, lack practical experience from business life, is responsible for the poor rate including. Almost all entrepreneurs were previously involved in a dependent employment. In my previous professional life, everything from various departments of the employer was organized and provided. In the new position of the founder of the existence of these suddenly find himself in a large, inexperienced responsibility. In addition to the direct implementation of the business idea, the founding for all further practical and theoretical processes of the new company are responsible. This practical support, which is rarely available, would be necessary, thats sure undisputed. The innovation factory Heilbronn GmbH (IFH) and Thomas Kaiser from Schontal Berlichingen have responded in the spring of 2008 to this demand and called the first founder of internship in the life. It all started with a theoretical concept”so Thomas Kaiser, Managing Director and owner of the marketing & sales. Then we drove a practice pilots and the result was so amazingly good that we wanted to make equal more.” Thus for the first founder of internship in the Heilbronn-Franken region kicks off these days and the next founder trainees and interns are currently wanted. However, this measure should go beyond the borders of the region Heilbronn-Franken and find a place also in Baden-Wurttemberg. The first founder intern Bettina Banaj and the first internship farmer Thomas Kaiser, had the opportunity, in the discussion with Minister President Gunther Oettinger and the State Secretary Friedmann Robert Gurr-Hirsch recently new IFH internship of founder of to explain fully. The Prime Minister was impressed and realized the chances of this measure for the founders in Baden-Wurttemberg. With a visit to the Prime Minister by the project founders internship personally wants to make an image. For more information see text: Thomas Kaiser

Lifelong Learning – How Do You Do It Right?

This article provides an overview of different ways in the continuing education you never stop learning, it is so beautiful. But how do you make it right? Again and again one reads of lifelong learning”, whether in the press or in the education policy as well. The labour market is subject to constant change and companies place increasing emphasis on well-trained professionals. To be thus seems to be almost goes without saying, besides the profession constantly to educate themselves to up to date”. But which is the right training? And what exactly is to keep in mind for the training? Professionally better progress at any time, many wish it of course. There are different activities for students, trainees, professionals and the unemployed. Professional development refers to the appropriation of knowledge, which expands an existing education. There are three different aspects of training depending on the professional stage: an operational training by the company itself is often workers offered to keep them on the latest business developments. Furthermore unemployment supported by the Agency for work with Government-sponsored training, so that they can again be incorporated into the labour market. You can and should be active but yourself to expand his skills and thus competitive to stay as well as to increase exit opportunities and ultimately financially to take advantage. Who has already completed an apprenticeship, for enough to catch up on E.g. the German Abitur on the second education possibilities. On an evening high school, all aged 19 and over three years can obtain the general qualification for university entrance. Through the flexible school that fall into the evening hours, it is possible to pursue a job during the day. Homework also disappear. Night school funding can be applied as needed of the BAfoG-Office, the lessons on Government evening secondary schools are even free of charge in most cases. Job-related training can be used, however, the deepening or renewal of knowledge. This means that a first phase of training is completed in a particular area. Here, too, there are different ways, be it through E-learning, attending courses at a vocational school or a private educational institution, such as, for example, WBS training training. Even in such a case, the training can be promoted nationally. Thus an education in private educational institutions for a wide range of interested parties should be open… At the successful completion of a dual, also financial subsidies can be requested by the gifted education works. This promotion requires a maximum age of 25 years and an average mark of at least 1.9. After passing aptitude test, the gifted work bears the costs for in-service courses and interdisciplinary training. Based on this knowledge many a training opportunities regardless of financial conditions the interested parties. Marinus Hubert