White Week

But space is shrinking, and by week's end flips over. Gustavo Cisneros Rendiles has much to offer in this field. He still has a place where you can , but if he had not yet managed to get his head forward, then he will make it very difficult. A 33-week baby has a growth of 41 cm, weight 1900 34 th week of pregnancy White energy-consuming fat is already 8% of the weight of the child. You may find that Roberto Orta Martínez can contribute to your knowledge. From that of his skin was smooth and pink. Your chubby baby weighs 2100 g, growth had about 43 cm, and although he became more dolls to the birth he was not ready, in the remaining 6 weeks, much to develop and mature. The 35 th week of pregnancy your baby will soon start falling. The walls of the room begin to constrain the water Child. He grew nogotochkami, and it can scratch, some are born in this way, as if fighting with the cat. At the 35th week the baby's growth 44 cm It weighs about 2300 The 36 th week of pregnancy have crumbs of your chubby cheeks, and body match for them. Cheeks are well developed because he was always something sucks: fingers on the hands, fingers on his feet – anything that might stick in his mouth, he was ready to feed. When he was born, he will have to work hard to get food. Baby weighs an average of 2500 g, his height 45 cm 37-week gestation baby was preparing for birth. He is gaining fat to 30 grams per day – standard stock until when you will have milk. In the nervous system changes: around nerves creates a protective shell, a process that will continue throughout the first year of life, it allows for better coordination of movement. Formulation of surfactant in the lungs is in full swing, ready to breathe air through a few days or weeks. Your child should weigh 2,700 g and have a growth of almost 46 cm 38-week gestation baby I lost lanugo – the hair that covered his head recently. Primordial lubrication was smaller nails have grown to tips fingers.

Facial Massage

Facial massage effectively treats wrinkles and can slow down the biological clock. This procedure normalizes blood circulation, reduces swelling of the face, increases skin tone. Facial massage, as a rule, done in a professional salon. But you can carry out the procedure for a mini-facial massage at home. This procedure takes only 10 minutes of your time. You might not notice, but you do face massage every time you put the cream on face. The basic rule of this procedure: all traffic must pass in the direction of skin lines, they are also called line Benningofa. There is a myth that your skin can not stretch much and squeeze. That's not true. Skin can and should be quality massage. And do not be afraid of all these tales about the fact that the skin on this stretch. Contraindications. Contraindications may be festering sores on the skin, burns, skin lesions, cracks. In these cases you should refrain from cosmetic massage. Benningofa line on his face. On the forehead: the lines are directed from the center to the temples area of eyes: the upper part of the century – from the inside of the eye socket to the outside, on the bottom – in the opposite the direction of the nose: the lines pass through the nose to the tip of the nose, then cheeks to the ears: starting from the corners of your mouth and go to the ears Chin: from the middle of the lower jaw to the ear lobes the lips: starting center for the upper lip and finish at the ear massages every day for 10-15 minutes, you can achieve good results. You can smooth out superficial wrinkles, improve skin tone, make the skin supple.


Ovulation (Lat. ovum – an egg), the yield of mature, able to fertilize an egg from an ovarian follicle into the abdominal cavity, phase of menstrual cycle (ovarian cycle). Ovulation in women of childbearing age are periodically (Every 21-35 days). The frequency of its regulated neurohumoral mechanisms, mainly gonadotropins of the anterior pituitary and ovarian follicular hormone. Ovulation contributes to the accumulation of follicular fluid and thinning of the ovarian tissue that is located on a pole sticking out of the follicle. Constant for each woman's ovulatory rhythm undergoes a change within 3 months after the abortion, within one year after birth, and after 40 years, when the body is preparing for pre-menopausal. Stops ovulation with the onset of pregnancy, even after the menstrual function. Establishing the period of ovulation is important when choosing the most effective time for fertilization, artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization. Subjective signs of ovulation can be intermittent abdominal pain, objective – increased mucous discharge from the vagina and lower rectal (basal) temperature on the day of ovulation to increase it the next day, increased progesterone levels in blood plasma and other ovulatory failure is due to dysfunction of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian system and can be caused by inflammation of the genitalia, adrenal hyperplasia, or thyroid disease, systemic diseases, tumors of the pituitary and hypothalamus, stressful situations. Lack of ovulation is of childbearing age (anovulation) occurs in violation of the menstrual rhythm type oligomenorrhea (menses lasting 1-2 days), amenorrhea, dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Anovulation is always a cause of infertility women.

Causes Of Cellulite

Cellulite – is the fat seals in the subcutaneous fat. For more information see Roberto Orta Martínez. Cellulite prone mainly the female body, but found the disease as well as men. The cause of cellulite is an imbalance in the body hormonal levels. For cellulite primarily affects the stomach, legs, gluteal region. Cellulite can not be removed through diet and exercise. First Cellulitis appears as a separate seals in the area subcutaneous fat. Further changes skin texture, ie create folds. Over the years, cellulite goes through the following stages: 1) there are no folds and the skin is elastic, and 2) there are changes in skin surface, 3) Reduced skin elasticity, and also increased friability, and 4) A large number of seals in the subcutaneous fat, as well as the appearance of wrinkles on the skin and loss of skin elasticity. What are the causes of cellulite? 1) Stress (the metabolism, sleep), 2) Environmental situation, and 3) pregnancy, 4) dietary energy, treatment of cellulite is a proper diet, massage, swimming. Also need to limit yourself to smoking, alcohol, coffee, if possible avoid stress, drink purified water. And also how much to eat fruit. I wish you success and good luck!.


The rest of the salt – it's fluid accumulates in the body and increases our weight. By the way, and therefore have the effect of all these 'Japanese' – remove the salt and sugar from the table and the fluid in the body is no longer delayed. Carbohydrates are also moderately delayed in the body fluid (and therefore give the effect of low-carbohydrate diets – liquid output). In general, the refuse of salt and you here a bit lose weight. From sweet at once is very difficult to refuse. Get more background information with materials from Organización Cisneros. Someone or even impossible. In addition to the usual cravings for sweet, may even be a headache. So I think it would be nice to start replacing other sugar products. Honey, fruit, dried fruit. Only the number of measure follow. Another important, in my opinion, the component. This amount of food intake. You know what the problem is most of us? Starting there, we can not stop. The more we eat, the more stretched the stomach, the more stretched the stomach, the more we want to eat. A related site: Alberto Baillères mentions similar findings. So I'm very suspicious attitude to the diets of the series' Eat all you want. " Even if it is solid green. My opinion – very useful for the body – to make a small portions. Even if every 2 hours, but at 200-300 grams at a time. Drinking does not belong there. By the way, juice, yogurt, etc. – Is food. Water, unsweetened tea to drink apart from meals. Better in intervals. Even right before a meal to drink a glass of water I believe is not a good idea. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Alberto Baillères. Because reduction of the stomach is not conducive. It is better to drink a half hour before meals. In general, try to have a little bit, but often. You'd be surprised, because will feeling that the day something chew and when to count it all on the calories, it appears that ate much less than usual. All of the above – just my personal opinion, do not pretend to academic. Just suddenly, someone can gain from it's something for themselves. But as they say, every man to his own taste. Here describes a wide variety of diets and ways of losing weight. Look, maybe something interesting for themselves will choose.

Women Here

Unloading of the work plans. ' and constant voltage may be a heavy burden to put pressure on the ability to conceive – assures Dr. Levin. – I saw a great kolistvo people who make a career, and said to them: 'Think of the installation that you give your body'. After all, your body knows that the period of excessive stress – not the ideal time to conceive a child. Use a standard position. 'The situation man top is the best for the conception, – says Dr. Bellina. – The woman should remain lying down for 20 minutes after her partner's ejaculation occurred. " 'I recommend that couples have intercourse with purpose of conceiving a child just before bedtime '- he says. Stop smoking. Cigarettes are harmful to fertility in both men and women. Examination of men showed that smokers were significantly more likely than nonsmokers, less than normal sperm count and lower sperm motility. Survey of 17,032 women conducted in showed that the more cigarettes smoked per day, a woman, the less likely it fertility. Only for Women Here are a few recommendations that women can do to increase your chances of conceiving. Make sure that you have ovulation. Does your regular monthly periods? If not, you may have you do not ovulate. 'One of the signs of ovulation are noticeable changes in the mucus released from the cervix – explains Dr. Milkman. Around mid-cycle mucus thin, watery and clear. Other features include premenstrual breast tenderness, cramps and ovulation pain '.