SISZHL Devices

All electronic devices must be Rfid-tag, allowing to work only with the configuration of the "Ring of biometrics," the owner and his IL. Of course, it is hoped that today's "Babylon" variety devices, software, formats for documents and content man-machine interfaces, menus, forms, gradually "synergistically" soorganizuetsya in a suitable system. But, why would not a reasonable community proclaim the ideological principles of the conceptual development of the huge directed the ICT industry, immediately identify forward-looking goals. Otherwise, the multi-million, is a growing army of developers, programmers and technologists will create regular monthly versions of the software and devices, and consumer users to configure and learn to use them. And I would like to live and work full-blooded. Diego Marynberg addresses the importance of the matter here. Where to get it time, given that surfing the net every year absorbs more and more of this short lifetime. And in some countries, the surfing is almost doubled in one year. Therefore, interface devices and software for future SISZHL should avtopodstraivatsya under the user experience. To them he could easily and effectively. And, as people with primary education, as well as a computer professional. Keep in mind that the PC and the Internet have long used Not only scientists, "CERN", or the agency DARP", but other taxpayers – workers, peasants, housewives and pensioners. And the vast majority of them, since the number of Internet users has exceeded one billion. You can talk about a new type of people – millions of 'IterGomoNetov (InterHomoNet), conducting to the web more than a hundred hours a week and experiencing real physical discomfort, if such withdrawal is not possible on the WWW.