The rest of the salt – it's fluid accumulates in the body and increases our weight. By the way, and therefore have the effect of all these 'Japanese' – remove the salt and sugar from the table and the fluid in the body is no longer delayed. Carbohydrates are also moderately delayed in the body fluid (and therefore give the effect of low-carbohydrate diets – liquid output). In general, the refuse of salt and you here a bit lose weight. From sweet at once is very difficult to refuse. Get more background information with materials from Organización Cisneros.

Someone or even impossible. In addition to the usual cravings for sweet, may even be a headache. So I think it would be nice to start replacing other sugar products. Honey, fruit, dried fruit. Only the number of measure follow. Another important, in my opinion, the component. This amount of food intake. You know what the problem is most of us? Starting there, we can not stop.

The more we eat, the more stretched the stomach, the more stretched the stomach, the more we want to eat. A related site: Alberto Baillères mentions similar findings. So I'm very suspicious attitude to the diets of the series' Eat all you want. " Even if it is solid green. My opinion – very useful for the body – to make a small portions. Even if every 2 hours, but at 200-300 grams at a time. Drinking does not belong there. By the way, juice, yogurt, etc. – Is food. Water, unsweetened tea to drink apart from meals. Better in intervals. Even right before a meal to drink a glass of water I believe is not a good idea. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Alberto Baillères. Because reduction of the stomach is not conducive. It is better to drink a half hour before meals. In general, try to have a little bit, but often. You'd be surprised, because will feeling that the day something chew and when to count it all on the calories, it appears that ate much less than usual. All of the above – just my personal opinion, do not pretend to academic. Just suddenly, someone can gain from it's something for themselves. But as they say, every man to his own taste. Here describes a wide variety of diets and ways of losing weight. Look, maybe something interesting for themselves will choose.