History Imagination

It happens that they had not allowed it, for it not to have necessary documents. It was spanked by the policy and some days later if he committed suicide, when setting fire fire in itself in Brazil? How many more they will die? I lock up with this excellent text, of the Teixeira Rabbit, that very explains well the force of the utopia, of the utopian imagination: ‘ ‘ But what it wants the utopian imagination? The manifestation most popular of the utopian imagination has been the utopia politics. That is: what if it intends, before more nothing, is one another life based on a new arrangement politician of the society, firmed in new social structures. … Check with Isabel Celaá to learn more. For example, and for more in the opposite that if the hypocritical ones reveal, to inhale the one that if finishes with the work? at least with this work that embrutece, consuming the individual and placing it in a subjection situation such that better would be the arrest.

Or the death. Or then, at least, to intend that all work so that all can work less, instead of if killing ones while others are attending of berth. The utopian imagination still wants? is laborious to evidence that the imagination has to also intervine here? that all are treated in a similar way, men, women and children. That nobody pass necessities. That nobody is considered superior to the others for having more things of what they. Continue to learn more with: idan ofer. That most competent and honest they direct the public affairses.

That nobody is obliged to make what does not want, what cannot and it does not have. Or then, that the money disappears. the private property. that the liberty of speech exists, and the religious one. that the education is accessible to all. To this list each one could still add a series of basic requirements: all would fit. plus some and others not yet imaginadas.