Worldwide Economic Forum

The sky does not completely close the way to the men. Chinese proverb Latin America this very interested in correctly confronting the threats that it has generated the crises economic and it has summoned a Forum to treat this subject in Janeiro River, Brazil. One says that more than 500 leaders they participate in World-wide the Economic Forum in Latin America in Rio de Janeiro they are including presidents Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, of Brazil; Alvaro Uribe, of Colombia, and Leonel Fernandez, of Dominican Republic. Initially the presence of Costa Rican president, Oscar was predicted also Aryan, in the event, but finally it will not participate, indicated the organizers to AFP " The meeting is realised in a while crucial for Latin America. After the summit of the G20 in London, it will be an opportunity to debate how global&quot will be in concrete terms the regional answer to the crisis; , it indicated Emilio Lozoya, head for Latin America of the World Economic Forum (WEC, name of the event in English). It comments as it, the Latin American encounter of the Forum, one will extend until Thursday 16, will be concentrated according to its organizers in the necessity to respond to the economic crisis proactively.

" The meeting takes place in a while crucial for Latin America. After the recent summit of the G20 in London, the event will be an opportunity for the participants to debate what in case the answer from the region to world-wide the economic crisis, in concrete terms " , it said Emilio Lozoya Austin, director of World-wide the Economic Forum for Latin America World-wide Economic Forum, " With its immense wealth in natural resources and the biodiversity, the relatively young and stable manpower of the financial systems, Latin America has the capacity to do successfully against the present crisis. Nevertheless, it agrees not to lose of view the long term to harmonize the economic growth with social progress.