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From 2004 through Academician LI Maslov on Earth is the information from the Creator. Esoteric knowledge, which is currently used on Earth, containing a huge amount of scientific information, but …. without explanation! Since the high spirit of Kryon, who passed information to people through the American engineer Lee Carroll from 1989 to 1992 in the book "Do not think like a man says:" The more you learn about the structure of the atom, the clearer you will become thin world. That understanding of the behavior of elementary particles, the key to this. " And in the book The Alchemy of the human spirit "Kryon, we read:" The change of vibration leads to a change in the distance between the parts of the atom. " We are talking about changing the density of physical matter, and therefore the possibility of loosening of physical matter. In fact, Kryon speaks of subatomic and quantum physics, and calls to the knowledge of physics. Or take the message of the Creator, which he in 2004 and to this day passes by Academician LI Maslov. Those of you who are familiar with the "Revelations of the New Age people," certainly drew attention to their complex content. This holographic structure of the universe, particles and antiparticles, matter and antimatter, negative energy and antiworlds, torsion fields, fractals, bifurcation point, the law of energy the neutrality of space, etc. And again, the knowledge given by the Russians as a means to salvation, set out the language of science. But do not give explanations. High spiritual essence give us knowledge at a high scientific level, in the expectation that we are in them understand, because it's already known to science. Such a promise of high spiritual beings suggests that it is time to unite the rational and irrational knowledge, to create a scientific spirituality, which will help us, people with Higher Powers understand what is happening. It is time to unite Eastern and Western systems of thought, because West, as is known, has succeeded in a precise but limited knowledge, but the East more generally, the full and correct understanding of the world and man 3. Director, International Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics, Academy of AE Akimov said: "All what is now approached physics, with virtually no formulas, but in terms of content, described in ancient Vedic books. There exist two ways of knowledge of Nature. One represented Western science, ie knowledge that is extracted on the methodological basis, which is owned by the West, there is evidence, experiment, etc. Other-East, that is, the knowledge gained from outside the esoteric path, in state, such as meditation. Esoteric knowledge is not extracted, they give a person. It so happens that at some stage this esoteric path has been lost, and formed another singing is extremely complex and slow. For the last thousand years, following this path, we have come to the knowledge that has been known in the East 3000 years ago 4. 1. Tihoplav V.Yu., Tihoplav TS Quantum choice. We do not all die, but everything changed 2. Dmitriev AN Changes in the solar system and on planet Earth. Speech at the conference "Living Ethics" and "Secret Doctrine" in modern science, practical education and social life. " Ekaterinburg. 08-09.08.99. MM: White Alva ", 2001 3. Tihoplav VY Tihoplav TS Physics of faith 4. Akimov AE Physics recognizes the Overmind / wonders and adventures. 1996. 5 P.24-27.