Santa Cruz

They consider that the Asian nation is safer, in spite of the guerrilla islamist in the south of the country, the presence of The political Qaeda, conflicts interns and the dispute with India on Kashmir. Measures taken by regime autocratic, that includes the confiscation of the hydrocarbons, elevation of taxes to miners, redistribution of earth prevailed, assault to income of governments regional, imposition of caricaturesca Assembly Constituent integrated by illiterates, that hid in a quarter to approve of sigilosa form and illegal a constitution Marxist-indigenista, that restricts the economic liberties, is rejected by the town. The savagery the thinking population begins to react, demanding its right to live in the sanity and the legality. The confrontations between the students of the University of San Francisco Xavier and the repressive neoCommunists, in the city of Sucre – that is the capital legitim of Bolivia and cradles of prceres that gave to birth to the South American independence of colonialism virreinal- are a breath of hope for the nation, and demonstrates that Chuquisaca maintains its historical one vibrant libertario spirit. Ever since Evo Morales assumed the power 22 months back, he credited 27 dead ones and more than 300 wounded ones. Their riotous paramilitary ones, the farmers of Achacachi – a town of bloodthirsty Aymarans who dress ponchos red color, and which sometimes they were accused of cannibalism degollaron to two alive dogs, between threatening laughter and vtores. In his sadistic show, they noticed that is the future that it waits for the opponents to them. The savagery of the natives begins to scare. Before the abuses of the regime and the decline of the democracy, six of the nine governors of the country declared the civil disobedience, that has happened to become mobilized civil resistance. The events are acquiring spread and the possibilities of dialogue with a president who does not have brain nor heart, are null. The department (province) of Santa Cruz, has summoned from the 3 of December, to a general and indefinite hunger strike in all the country. The situation is unpredictable. Bolivia needs a leader with political knowledge, charisma, experience, intelligence, and essentially anger, that according to Aristotle it is first of the human qualities, because guarantees the others.